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This is one of the greater - if not the greatest - and most credible insights ever given into the lives of the Igbo people in modern times by either foreigner or indigene. Enugu State was chosen as the hub of the narrative but what better place to start. The attitude of the writer was stripped of drama or bias. The descriptions flow so naturally, like a smooth story, it's almost difficult to remember that this is, after all, a kind of traveler's guide. This is a must read for every foreigner still uncertain about what to encounter in Nigeria (generally speaking) and Enugu and Igboland (specifically).
My daughter is Nigerian and speaks Igbo. She is a nun with remarkable strength and love. I love sending her email with some expressions and information that show my love for her. Your website has helped me do that. Thank you so much. Jacek
Thank you for such a good book. Exceptional for tourists. I will certaingly get one when I am in Enugu.
Thanks for such a site! I am about marrying an Igbo man and would like to learn more Igbo.
Kamal & Yuko
Marvellous & quite a 'lateral' thinking write up. We have not read the whole works in the internet. We will order the book when I am in Port Harcourt and travelling all the way to Taraba in Nigeria in January 10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Kamal & Yuko
Kadu! I was married in enugu south in March 2009, and will be returning in September, and hopefully my husband will be coming to the USA shortly after. I want to say the people in enugu and in 2 surrounding villages were so incredibly nice and cordial. I attended churc in enugu and all were very friendly. I cannot wait to retrun to Enugu, however I wish i could come directly from the US rather than landing in Lagos, but the bus ride to Enugu was also filled with pleasant people and great scenery.
This online book is amazing!!! I've learned so much about Igbo culture as well as improved my ability to speak Igbo. Please inform me of any more resources that you can make available whether for free or purchase. Thank You
Its my pleasure to read your book its very educative and it contains all the information about igboland bravo!!!
Congratulate yourself Michael, because what you have achieved is not easy. Recall the legend of the lizard that fell from the top of the iroko tree and there was nobody to applaud the feat? The brave lizard applauded itself! Permit me to applaud your achievement, even belatedly. Ka anyï ñürïara gï maka na i mere ihe ukwu. Your use of the umlauted vowels adds beauty to your work. The only thing distressing with the so-called “Echeruo Orthography” for Igbo is his incomprehensible attempt to replace “ch” with “c”. We urgently need your write-up in book form. It is your book and you do not need anybody’s approval or permission to publish and market it. I come from Umubeele Village in Awka, the capital of Anambra State. I write too, and my books may be browsed at the trafford.com website bookstore, Amazon and other Internet bookshops. Cheers!
This is the most informative website I've found on Nigeria so far. Thanks for putting it up! I'm doing research for a book in which there is a young Nigerian psychiatrist. Most of the action takes place outside of Nigeria, but I'm trying to find someone who can check over the few Igbo phrases I've used to make sure they're in the correct context. I'd also like to check that my character's name and character is believable. Michael, if you'd be interested in doing this, please contact me through my e-mail address. I promise it's not a lot of work! Otherwise, much thanks for sharing your knowledge with readers of your website and book. Jennifer
many thanks for this work about enugu,hope u also do it for other igbo states if they dont already exist. at list have some places to visit when am in naijaa.
that's really great job you have done. i've been looking for this kind of website for so long. my boyfriend is from igbo and i want to learn it to know him and his culture better. thank you so much for help
I must appreciate what you are doing in this site. But let me observe that it seems to me that more needs to be done. The Igbo language is gradually losing popularity and not many modern day Igbos children (especially those born outside Igbo speaking region) can speak Igbo fluently. And even with so-called enlightened Adults, it is difficult to find one speaking Igbo without mixing it with English thus aldulterating it. It is a concern to me and I encourage you to keep up with what you are doing.
This is a great resource for not just the people living in igboland, but also the people living as part of the Igbo Diasphora living in other parts of Africa, in United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Ghana, Benin, Guinea, Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, Finland, Jamaica, Martinique, Japan, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Thailand, Australia and many other countries.
my dear, tanks for this wonderful piece,i encourage you to do more research on igbo norms,values and culture as it affect the social-economic and political development of igbo nation.
Hello Michael. As an Igbo born and bred in London, I was very pleasantly surprised when I came across your website. My parents are from Enugu State (Ebe) and have spoken Igbo to me since birth but somehow most Igbo children overseas never achieve fluency in our first language - Igbo. Perhaps we feel that focusing on English will ensure academic success. I have bought various Igbo language books and dictionaries over the years and can now speak Igbo fairly well. However, I did not know much about the history or geography of Enugu so your book is an excellent resource for this. One thing I would say is that the dialect in your book is not the "Enugu" dialect that I am used to, which is rather confusing. Congratulations and thank you for volunteering in Enugu State and all the publicity you have given to our state.
Hi Micheal, hi everyone, i realy want to thank u for this special site, i learn a lot from it although am from Ibo, am from orlu. JUST KEEP IT UP. May The Good Lord Guide And Protect You For This.
Thanks for your great effort to keep Igbo language alive, but your Igbo ditionary needs a proper Igbo attention and corrections in other not to confuse some people like me. In Igboland a group of people uses 'N', while some uses 'L', e.g Enu - Elu, Ana - Ala, Uno - Ulo e.t.c. The same group that uses N equally use 'F' while the othe group uses 'H', e.g Afo - Aho, Afia - Ahia, Efifie - Ehihie, Efi - Ehi, Ofia - Ohia, Ife - Ihe e.t.c. The 'F' in Afa, Afo, Afia has nothing to do with Onitstha dialect because it is being used by a large group of Igbos living between Awka, Njikoka, Idemili and Nnewi Local govt. areas. Some Igbo groups uses 'R' where some uses 'H' e.g Aro - Aho, Aru - Ahu e.t.c. Please try to differentiat between the F's, N's, H's, E.t.c. Ekene!
Hey: Thanks for this wonderful work. I need your assistance here if you would not mind. How do I say 'Happy birthday' in Igbo language? A quick response will be highly appreciated. Please remember to distinguish joy and happy. Thanks. Lino Benson
Thank you so much for the igboguide. I'm an Indian and I have been living with my husband in Lagos for over 6 years. We have got a job in Enugu and was wondering whether to take it up or not. Are there any Indians in Enugu, for curiosity sake? Does Enugu have any provision store/super markets for south-east asians, similar to that of Lagos ?
Keep up the great work!
Chen Li
Amazing! My friend told that there are so many Nigerians talented in language; and when they speak English, they can keep you laughing for all day long.
this is an...interesting website...i dicovered many names i had never known before, living in London and all... i now know what i will name my child in the future...
I am a South African woman of zulu descent and I am engaged to a wonderful Nigerian man of Igbo descent, and find this site very informative and interesting. Thank you for this great website.
I have been in so many bookshops to get information about Nigeria. But just one was available. I thank for the language guide. It is great ! I am Austrian and I want to go to Enugu.
B. Mba
Ohh, thank you for this great website. I am a European woman, my husband is Igbo man, we have a son Chidiebere, 14 months old. And I would like to learn Igbo language to get closer and closer to him and also to keep this wonderfull language in our family so that our son will be speaking Igbo too. I´ve been looking for this kinda website for long time. So thank you for help. God bless you. B.
Pranay Lal
I crash read your book overnight when I friend passing through Delhi loaned it to me. Congratulations for such a wonderful book and to capture the local traidtions and culture lucidly. As I child, I spent time in Umuahia and Enugu. My father was an ophthalmologist with the WHO, incharge of controlling trachoma in north and central Africa. We left Enugu during the war in Biafra, which was a very dangerous time to be there. Your book is in terms nostalgic of my time spent there. I am now hunting for the book in India, and on the net. Best wishes.Pranay
Amobi Onoh
Thanks for the good work you did. I happened to get into your site today and I am amazed by your terrific work. It is an excellent summary of Enugu.
davis s lmuentiyan
l was on research mission, compiling vital information about Nigeria and discover your bk at the world wide web. your book was a great useful information source provided me with the relevant information l needed. Thank you very much for work. lt is unfortunate that a foreigner has to lmplement this marvellious work for my people. every one is busy paying much attention to honouring titles and living other relevant things undone. l regretted. brother Micheal,am also a writer. l hope to see u some days. Davis
Thanks for the marvelous work, you can add graphics to it by capturing Maps from goodle Earth- Enugu and igbo land is well shown via satellite
Martyn Head
Thank you Michael, an extremely well written and concise insight into the Igbo culture and tradition, with the added plus of more phrases and vocabulary that most of the so called Igbo dictionary sites. By the way I am not Igbo but English who had the pleasure of working for a short period among these wonderful people.
Donatus Nkem Atuanya
hello how ar u people of igboland, pls can write much i wan't to thanks u for promotin the lung.i m very happy for that mey God bless. l from Anamra, but i am in morocco now Nort Africa thanks
greg heavenson
HI, the map is without uwani enugu but it's very good that we wawa people are doing fine. long live Mr chimaruoke & long live enugu state. Igwe,G.
Every day I am around a lot of Nigerian People. I cannot understand their language because of the different dialects. I know : Biko. Ask them to teach me some words and most of the time I forget them. I find this website and I learn a lot. It's very clear. I would like to know where can find your book. Do you have a copy in a few libraries? Biko, let me know. Where to buy it. Thank you, Michael May God bless you, Good researche
thank you very much!
Great job and sacrifice. Just add the missing piece, the developed part
Thanks for the good work. I was born and brought up in Enugu state but recently am residing in South Africa. I love the pics but I want to know if there are no new structures that we can see their pics because with this pics I saw here, it seem that there are no good developments yet. Omalicha
Nnolum celestine obinna
Am realy glad to see that we are taking steps to belonging to the world class. Nice job.Keep it and try to let me the area I can contribute to uphold our community and town. Am from Achi in Oji river Local Govt.Area but I leave in Benin republic. please let see how we can include our popular Ogene music. And probaly our dances so that we out here can watch and still dance in agreement.
I truely enjoyed this website. i wanted to know do they have a royal family in Enugu?
philip mba
Dear, Author I thank You for such a Great Job you did . you did not know how much you bless me, By reading your article i discover alot About Eungu And Igboland, people need to know this, I am A Pastor Basis Here In California, and I truly Belive Igbo people are special And God Always Bless us Any We live or Work,
Whilst I acknowledge the bold attempt by the author to write broadly about the Igbo way of living with emphasis on Enugu, this piece of work should be seen for what it stands for - a foreigner's insight into the life of a people. The outfit of the woman featured as a typical Igbo bride is not representative of the traditional wrapper and blouse and head tie worn by Igbos. It is more of a potrait of a Yoruba woman. It is a pity that what we read about Africans and our way of life on the Internet is largely produced by foreigners. I rest my case.
Very nice!
The audio clips of the dialogues are very nice! Ken
Dear Michael! I find your book Welcome to Enugu! fascinating! Well written and I hope it will prove useful for my first visit to Igboland this December. I was only wondering, if the book is available anywhere in printed version? Would love to read it over or repeat some Igbo frazes on the road. Thanks in advance for your reply and congratulations again on wonderful book! Linda
Hi Michael, This is a very nice compilation. I know you had to sacrifice so much to put this together.I greatly appreciate this. Keep it up and may the good Lord bless all your efforts in Jesus mighty name. Cindy
Laura Bradford
Hello Michael Widjaja, I have to say I very much injoyed this site about Igboland. I've been dating a gentleman that is Ibgo and do take a great interest in the country that he is from. I do have one question maybe you can answer for me. How and where can I get text books or tapes on the Ibgo language? At one time I was trying to learn Wolof and had to get my information from Washinton D.C., so please if you can help me with this, I would greatly appricated it. Thank you again for a job well done with this book. Sincerely, Laura Bradford Vancouver, Wa USA
what a nice virtual journey - hope to pay a visit to Enugu one day after reading your book. Railway sounds very cool trip and love the idea of those station wagon taxis.
R Hypolite
I absolutely love your website. It is wonderful. I am West Indian (a Caribbean person). One of my very best friends is a Nigerian from Onitsha, and it got me interested in learning the Igbo language and culture. Now I usually email my friend's brother who lives in Lagos in Igbo. Thank you, it is a wonderful site
Another good addition to this site will be Igbo names
Douwe Kiela
Very nice book!
At least a guide from igboland that doesn't presume of anthropological knowledge. A must if you want to spend time there. Congratulations!
Christian Okoh
Many thanks. Just the stuff I have been looking for my wife and children to give them a headstart in Igbo language. Chris
Christian Okoh
Many thanks. Just the stuff I have been looking for my wife and children to give them a headstart in Igbo language.
l'm so glad that something is written about Enugu my lovely town.l'm from Enugu and proud of that.Thanks so much for making me happy. Austine / POLAND /
Good content!
Naruca Nkem
I am most greatful to you for writing this book! I coudln't believe my eyes when I found it! I've been looking for an Igbo language guide since forever! I can finally study my baby's language and make him feel more like home, even if in a foreign country. God bless you for all this! Oh, and congrads, as it is very well structured and explained.
Hello, does anyone know how heart full love is pronounced in igbo. I know that Obi mans heart, but I can not find the rest anywhere. Hopefully you can help me. Thanks greetings floor/netherlands
Usually when people talk about culture and Nigeria, the limelight is usually occupied by the Yoruba and Hausa cultures - which are visually spectacular. So its with great pleasure to see that Igbo culture is being noticed also. Thank you for your perspective on Igbo culture, an outsiders view is less biased and more objective and has no axe to grind to propel Igbo culture to the top of the heap. Thank you.
Impressed! Is like I can vividly recall all these places. I can't wait to go back soon.
Impressed! Is like I vividly recall all these places. I can't wait to go back very soon.
Keep on going, looks very good!
kenneth chukwu
meeting with you last week and knowing the limited time you spend in nigeria, give me no choice than to marvel at the work you did, you work covered virtually every area of the igbo's lives. both physical and social wise. if i should be allowed to rename the work, i will name it the insight into the igbo culture.
Great site. I surfed the internet sites and happened to link to this site. I am very curious about the Igbo people because I met a nurse at the hospital who comes from Igboland. She is such a nice person and a great nurse I might add. She is very intelligent as well. From talking with her, I have learned alot already but I still enjoy learing more about her culture.
Will u pls tell what is dress code in Enugu?
Very great, having lived and studied in the US and the UK it is great to read about this!
Chinedu Uchechukwu
Hallo, Your site was used mentioned as one of those efforts to use the "Echeruo Orthography" for Igbo. Having gone through your write up, it has become obious to me that you are not really to blame for using the umlauted vowels in Echeruo's dictionary. Just for your information: the umlauted vowel you hae seen in Echeruo`s dictionary is the author's own idea, which is not used or supported by ANY Igbo language association or any Igbo language department in the Nigerian university. Please revert to the official orthography. If you do not know it and need help, kindly let me know. Please see this as a well meant advice, which would also save your website from being dragged into a controersial issue that Igbo scholars at home and abroad frown about. Jisie ike! Chinedu Uchechukwu
I am very happy about this.